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9 top wedding favours ideas

If you are having wedding favours, have you decided what you will do? Will you make them yourselves? Will they be edible? Or will they be sustainable?

The wedding favour is a small gift given to guests as a gesture of thanks from the bride and groom to the guests for attending their wedding.

According to history, the first wedding favours were known as ‘bonbonniere’ which involved a small trinket box made of crystal, porcelain or precious stones filled with sugar cubes to symbolize wealth or royalty. As sugar became more affordable, bonbonnieres were replaced with sugar almonds which because a wedding favour tradition you have probably heard of.

Fast forward to 2021, we have seen an abundance of creative, cool and unique wedding favours. There are so many creative routes to go down and so we’ve put together some of our top wedding favour ideas.

We would always recommend letting your wedding venue know what you are planning on doing to ensure it complies with the venue’s rules and regulations.

A top tip is to think carefully about your wedding favours. We’d advise not going big and bulky as often, guests will leave them behind which can be a waste of your money and hardwork!

Here are our top 9 wedding favours


Tablet is a great wedding favour as it is small enough for guests to take home with them or if they want to enjoy it at their table, they can.  You could also buy a stamp from Etsy and personalise with your names and wedding date. It’s also a sweet nod to Scotland if you are hoping to have a Scottish wedding. If you like the idea of tablet but don’t want it as a wedding favour, Head Chef Jamie can make some and we can serve with your tea and coffee at an additional cost.

Homemade jams or chutneys

If you fancy spending some time in the kitchen before your big day, home made jams or chutneys are a wonderful touch. They also look great in small jars with a personal label for your guest. These can also double up as a name place.

Miniature alcohol bottles

Miniature alcohol bottles (up to 50ml) are a very popular wedding favour we have seen at GG’s Yard over the years. Please note, due to our alcohol license, these cannot be consumed on our premises. Some of our couples have had personal labels made with the date of their wedding and their names.

Charity donations

We really like this wedding favour idea. Some couples have donated to a charity of their choice ahead of the wedding and simply leave a card on the table with information about the charity for guests to read. Another sweet idea is leaving a token for each guest and then on a table nearby, having three charity boxes with descriptions of that charity. Using the token, guests can then select which charity to donate to. You could set a monetary value to the token so guests know just how much is being donated.


A small chocolate wrapped in a bag and tied with a ribbon is a simple but elegant wedding favour. You could also tie the guests name on it to let it double up as a place name at the table.

Personalised biscuits

Using a personalized stamp with the wedding date and your name or just initials, why not stamp some biscuits before they go into the oven. Once out, they’ll be imprinted with your special day.

Scratch cards or lottery tickets

Let your guests win on your wedding day! A clever wedding favour, scratch cards or a lottery ticket encourage guests to get involved in your celebrations and offer a lighthearted way to interact with guests sat at their table as they watch and wait to see if anyone has won!

Christmas baubles

If you’re getting married during the festive season, we love the idea of gifting guests with a bauble. You can buy these online or make them yourself. Simply buy some baubles and then write the guests name across the bauble using a calligraphy pen. You could also add the date of your wedding if you like. Guests can then take away and hang on their own Christmas tree at home whilst having a little reminder of your thanks on your special day.

Seed packets

We’re seeing more and more guests tap into sustainable wedding favours and love the idea of seed packets or seed paper. Why not write a thank you poem or a special thank you note on a piece of seed paper. After the wedding, guests can plant the paper when they get home and watch beautiful flowers and plants grow, doing your bit for the environment and bees!

If you have any questions regarding your wedding favours, feel free to speak to our wedding coordinators who can help.

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